“I am from not caring about school and getting into fights to getting As and Bs and using my smart mouth as a tool. Who knew I could start a non-profit and help hundreds of other underrepresented youth have the opportunities I've had. Now I know how to use my outrage at injustice to advocate for change, testifying at City Council, the State Legislature and in front of funders and community leaders. ”
– Vanessa Dominguez, Age 19, Momentum Alliance Youth Director, Freedom Fighters Awardee, Skidmore Prize Finalist, Comcast Scholar, College Freshman.

Student Alliance Project Videos

“I was bbqing in the park with my brothers recently. Some neighbors thought our music was too loud and, instead of talking to us directly, called the police. When the police came, they asked me what kind of trouble I was up to. When I said I am in college, they wouldn’t believe me until I showed them my student ID. We work hard in Momentum Alliance to break down these kinds of stereotypes and prejudices and build hope, so we can all achieve our personal, educational, professional and leadership goals.”
–  Jeremiah Moses, Age 19, Momentum Alliance Board Member, Portland State University Sophomore

“As first in my family to go to college, I am able to mentor younger students and develop my leadership skills. I never imagined that I would be Chair of a Board and on a City Grant-Making Committee, making decisions that impact thousands of lives.”
– Qanani Kalil, Age 20, Momentum Alliance Board Chair, Portland State University Junior

Leveraging Momentum Videos

We are BRAVE (Building Reproductive Autonomy and Voices for Equity)

As a member of the We Are BRAVE cohort, Momentum Alliance strives to create a world where we can tell our own stories, challenge our assumptions, practice love out loud, create with our hands, laugh, play, hold each other accountable, and connect these visions to our strategies for changing systems. Sponsored by Western States Center, We Are BRAVE is an exciting reproductive justice collaborative project created and led by Oregon organizations and leaders of color in Oregon. We work together, driven by a passion for reproductive justice and meaningful change.

Metro's Equity Video

We produced this video in partnership with Metro. We share a responsibility as individuals within a community and communities within a region. Our future depends on the success of all, but avoidable inequities in the utilization of resources and opportunities prevent us from realizing our full potential. Hear what community members from around the region said when asked to talk about equity.

Oregon Tuition Equity 2013

This video documents the journey of our undocumented youth leaders in their advocacy efforts to pass Tuition Equity in Oregon. House Bill 2787 (Tuition Equity) grants in-state tuition for undocumented students who have attended school in the country for at least five years; studied at an Oregon high school for at least three years, and graduated; and show intention to become a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.